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An Introduction to Trout Fishing in Scotland with maps and information on Scottish lochs and rivers

Wild brown trout (Salmo trutta) can be found all over Scotland. Indigenous to these islands, brown trout thrive in a whole range of locations, from the smallest burn to the biggest lochs, from the largest rivers of the east and south to the remotest highland lochans of the north west Highlands and Islands. Indeed, there are very few pieces of freshwater in Scotland where you will not find trout. The Scottish trout fisherman and the many visiting anglers are truly spoilt for choice, with almost unlimited opportunities for fly fishing sport on thousands of lochs and streams up and down the country, from Lerwick to Lockerbie, from Stornoway to Stranraer, and often at very little cost, sometimes none at all.

This site aims to give an introductory guide to the wild brown trout fishing available throughout Scotland, with notes on the main Scottish fishing centres and links to further detailed maps and information on the major trout rivers and lochs. You will find advice on trout fishing tackle, flies and tactics and some information on where to stay.

Scottish Trout Fly

Scottish Loch Trout Fly

Flies by  Grays of Kilsyth

The Scottish Trout Fishing Season

The trout fishing season in Scotland begins on March 15th and ends on October 6th. This is the statutory trout season, outwith which it is illegal (a criminal offence) to fish for brown trout. In addition to the national statutory season, trout fishing may be governed by local bye laws and regulations which may further restrict the length of the trout fishing season. Then there is the question of whether or not it is permissible to fish for trout on the Sabbath. Well, while it is a criminal offence in Scotland to fish for migratory salmonids, i.e. salmon and sea trout, on a Sunday, brown trout are bound by no such statutory prohibition. While trout fishing on a Sunday, along with other similarly dubious pursuits, is frowned upon in some parts as an affront to Christianity, and disallowed in others in the name of conservation, fishing for brown trout on a Sunday does not constitute a criminal offence in Scotland. Indeed, I can think of no pursuit more spiritually uplifting, more restorative to the soul, more environmentally sound or more socially beneficial. If there is a healthier recreation than trout fishing, I have yet to find it.

Scottish River Trout Fishing

Brown trout fishing in Scotland

A plump River Avon brown trout

A fine Scottish brown trout

So we may fish for brown trout in Scotland for a good six months of the year. Some months will , of course, be more favourable, more productive and more comfortable than others. Fly fishing for Scottish trout in March, although character building, can sometimes be more of an ordeal than a pleasure and, although we may face other difficulties in later months (think midgies), trout will be more generally responsive to a well presented fly as the season progresses and those seeking wild brown trout can look forward to excellent sporting prospects on river and loch throughout much of the season.

Where to Fish for Trout in Scotland

We may choose to fish on river or loch, large or small in any of a great variety of splendid locations throughout Scotland. We might cast a team of flies in front of a drifting boat on one of our larger Scottish lochs, such as Loch Tay, Lomond, Ness or Shin; or we might fancy a trek over a west highland moor in search of a remote lochan, which may never have seen an angler's fly in years; we might stalk the specimen trout of the Don, Tummel, Clyde or Tweed; or fish an upstream spider for the quick trout of a highland burn. Whatever our preference, there is some great fishing to be found all over Scotland - north to south, mainland or island.

Trout Fishing in Northern Scotland

Trout Fishing in the Scottish Islands

Trout Fishing in Central Scotland

Trout Fishing in Southern Scotland


Scottish Loch Trout Fishing

Trout Lochs of Scotland

Where to Fish

Trout Lochs of Scotland


Brown Trout Fishing

Once we have made the vital decision on where we are to fish for Scottish brown trout, we can turn our attention then to the fishing tackle, tactics and flies which might be most successful in outwitting the wild Scottish broonie. I hope that this website will help those planning a trout fishing trip in Scotland, by providing information, maps and photographs of a few of the many Scottish trout lochs and rivers and a few ideas which I hope might be helpful in the sections devoted to tackle, tactics , flies and fly tying, along with articles relating more generally to trout fishing in Scotland.


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